What Can Stem Cell Therapy Do for Cancer?

Stem cell transplants can help treat cancers affecting the blood or immune system (e.g., leukemia, lymphoma or multiple myeloma). High-dose chemotherapy treatments (sometimes with radiation) are typically used to kill cancer cells. Unfortunately, these high doses can destroy healthy stem cells as well as the body’s ability to make more. A stem cell transplant replaces … Continued

Five Ways to Enjoy the Holidays When You Have Cancer

Before a cancer diagnosis, things like decorating, shopping and cooking for the holidays might have sounded like fun, but may now just sound like work. The holidays can be stressful under the best circumstances, let alone adding cancer treatments like chemotherapy or radiation to the mix. Managing the holidays with cancer Unfortunately, cancer doesn’t take … Continued

Cancer and Depression: 7 Ways Proven to Beat the Blues

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer, your emotional responses and day-to-day moods can be all over the map. One day may be filled with fear of the unknown, another may bring sadness and anxiety. These feelings can make depression, which affects one in four cancer patients (according to the National Cancer Institute), … Continued